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Dallas 2-year-old forges unlikely first friendship

"O'Dee!" Deacon shouts. "Him coming! Him coming, him coming. Collect our garbage!"
A Dallas 2-year-old found his first best friend in an unlikely place: The man who comes to pick up the family's recycling every week, O'Dee.

DALLAS – At Deacon Ross' house in East Dallas, his mom is planning a party.

"He's really just struck up this friendship with O'Dee. Looks forward to Fridays," said mom, Summer Ross. "I think this is Deacon's first friend [where] he really understands what friendship is."

But the party is bittersweet. It's to say goodbye.

"Well, it's our last day seeing my brother's best friend, O'Dee," said Deacon's big sister, Ada Grace Ross.

And here he comes, for the last time, Deacon's best friend. O'Dee is there to collect the recycling.

"O'Dee!" Deacon shouts. "Him coming! Him coming, him coming. Collect our garbage!"

Collect the garbage, and always make time for a little buddy.

Does Oladele Olurunrinu know how much the little boy loves him?

"I didn't know," he told us, "but I can see it."

It's a goodbye party because Deacon is about to become a big brother. So, the family had to buy a bigger house, and they're moving off O'Dee's garbage route.

"I don't think he really understands that this could be the last time that he sees O'Dee," Summer said.

And that's why his mom went to the effort of making personalized gift bags for the party and taking her children out for photos with their weekly visitor -- to honor Deacon's first friendship.

"I was teary the whole time," Summer said. "Just trying to relish the moment."

O'Dee offered the boy a fist bump that Deacon quickly reciprocated.

"I'm gonna miss them, too," Olurunrinu said.

Bye bye, O'Dee. You sure know how to make an impression on a little boy -- and a mom.

She's thinking of naming Deacon's new brother after his first best friend: O'Dee.

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