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Dallas residents line up for flu vaccine clinics as cases increase

DCHHS is offering flu clinics and pop-up immunization across the county. Workers are encouraging residents to be proactive in getting vaccine, as holidays approach.

DALLAS — Dallas County Health and Human Services is doubling down on its efforts to encourage people to get the influenza vaccine

Some residents called it a push for personal protection as they lined up for flu vaccine clinics this week. Some people said they are getting the vaccine because they know cases of the virus are increasing nationwide.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing cases going up in Dallas County. Not just for flu, also for RSV which is affecting a lot of children,” said Christian Grisales with Dallas County Health and Human Services.

Proactive protection is why Ana Rodriguez said she’s making sure her parents have the flu vaccine.

"They are over 65 and it’s very important for them to get them, especially in this flu season,” said Rodriguez. 

Health care workers believe the time to consider the flu vaccine and other immunizations is now. Thanksgiving is two weeks away. That means travel will increase and the greater chances of gathering with others.

“We advise the community, parents, to get vaccinated immediately so kids are not getting sick. So you’re not missing days from work,” added Grisales. 

Wincole Fletcher is another resident taking advantage of the DCHHS pop-up flu vaccine clinics. 

"I’ve got a grandson and one on the way,” said Fletcher. 

She knows children are vulnerable to illness. So, she doesn’t want to take any chances with her 1-year-old grandson.

“He needs everything he can get," she said. 

DCHHS workers said vaccine clinics and pop-up events are being offered almost daily.

“We want people to be proactive about it. Let’s do this before the holidays, so we are not getting sick, and we’re not getting others sick,” said Grisales. 

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