DALLAS -- TheDallas night club associated with the Josh Brent case is closing its doors.

When people showed up for the last Happy Hour at Beamers and Club Privae Friday night, they were turned away.

Laurie Davis showed up for the party.

'Well he didn't tell me why they weren't opening, but on Twitter they said they were having sound system issues,' Davis said.

However, the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commision tells News 8 that the club's license was suspended after they didn't pay a $13,000 fine.

The fine came after the club served former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent alcohol, even though he was drunk, on the night he crashed his car and killed his friend.

'It was determined that they violated the alcoholic beverage code,' TABC Regional Director Marc Decatur says.

Since then the club has been under investigation and intense scrutiny. The club owners were ordered to pay the fine or take a three week suspension from serving alcohol.

They didn't pay the fine, so they were supposed to stop serving alcohol on May 7.

'A permitee whose license or permit has been suspended is prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages, service alcoholic beverages or allowing the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises,' Decatur says.

It's unclear if that forced the club to shut its doors and have a big going away bash.

When News 8 called the club Friday afternoon, they told us they were planning on serving alcohol Friday night and had asked people to book tables. They are even advertising a party with Dez Bryant for Saturday night.

But the TABC warned them about having any alcohol on the property, so the club sent party goers to a location a couple of miles away.

As for Dez Bryant, his advisor David Wells told News 8 that Dez did not sanction the flyer, is not hosting a party at the club and may not attend.

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