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Colleyville suspect was turned away by Irving mosque in the days leading up to synagogue standoff

One cold night in the beginning of January, officials from the mosque say Akram showed up, and appeared 'emotionally unstable.'

IRVING, Texas — Day-by-day, we’re learning more details about the Colleyville hostage-taker's time in the Dallas area - what was he doing and who was in contact with - in the days leading up to the hours-long standoff with authorities on Jan. 15.

Malik Faisal Akram, a British national, was killed around 9 p.m. Saturday, after authorities say he held four people from Congregation Beth Israel, including the synagogue's rabbi, hostage for nearly 12 hours.

These are questions the FBI and several other international agencies are trying to figure out now. 

We now know he spent some time at a mosque in Irving.  

Just four miles away from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport sits the Islamic center of Irving.

One cold night in the beginning of January, officials from the mosque say Akram showed up.

“He looked like he was homeless,” described Khalid Hamida, the attorney for the Center. "He was mulling around asking if he could spend time in the mosque, prayer hall." 

Hamida said Akram asked if he could spend the night there, but Hamida said that goes against their bylaws to allow people to stay overnight. According to the staff at the Islamic center, Akram got mad.

“He looked emotionally unstable," Hamida recounted. 

"It was like you turn the light on - went from normal to rude,” he added.

A source told WFAA Akram then, at some point, went to a nearby Irving motel to spend the night.

As the FBI continues to backtrack Akram’s every move from the U.K. to the United States, retired Dallas FBI agent Danny Defenbaugh said local and international investigators will be focused on who Akram was with, and whether they are possibly "involved in some type of cell activity."

"Any organized activity of other individuals who may be with Akram, and maybe planning or conspiring to have another incident," explained Defenbaugh, who was the inspector in charge of the Oklahoma City Bombing investigation. "So (the FBI) would be able to thwart another type of incident before it happened."

Defenbaugh said he suspects authorities willy likely go back through Akram’s past, possibly up to the time he went to school, to see who he was associated with.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Center said it is combing through video to get the specifics as to what time Akram arrived and if anyone dropped him off to help authorities with their investigation.


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