Multiple residents in Forney are sending video from their personal security camera systems to Amazon in Seattle hoping the online retailer can get at least one of their drivers to stop tossing packages like footballs and Frisbees.

"The driver just pulled into the driveway and threw the package," Forney resident Cheryl Mason said of the Amazon delivery driver captured on her surveillance system. "It kind of skips and bounces across the driveway and hits the garage door."

Melissa Case has security cameras at her house too. And apparently the same delivery guy.

"Well he just drives in the driveway, rolls down the window and tosses it like a newspaper into the middle of the yard."

And her next door neighbor David Byers got his special delivery next. His security camera system captured his Sunday delivery too.

"I see a white van and the next thing I know he's throwing out boxes," Byers said. Two boxes, a small one thrown out of the passenger window first, then three attempts to get a larger box out of the window until it bounces on the driveway too.

"I was going, that's ridiculous," Byers said when he watched the security camera video. "It's just pure laziness. A guy that really doesn't care what's inside. I'm just disgraced about it. Something needs to be done."

"It just upset me that the packages were thrown out the window, basically like garbage with no regard to what was inside," said Cheryl Mason.

Each of them, and several other neighbors who've seen the same thing and shared their videos on a community Facebook page, have all contacted Amazon to complain. But they say they have yet to receive a response or a promise the driver will change his ways. News8 has also attempted to contact Amazon but as of this writing we have not received a response.

"They just give you a generic email and say they'll look into it and that's as far as it goes," said Melissa Case.

"I don't want to see anyone lose a job," said Mason, "but at the same time if you really hate you job that much you should probably be re-thinking your career choice."

The choice of the residents of Forney will be to keep their cameras rolling.

An Amazon spokesperson released the following statement. “This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery providers. We are addressing this with our delivery service partner and will work directly with the customers to make things right.”