Sometimes a piece of journalism is so important and profound that its impact is felt far and wide among readers.

Other times, all it takes is a story about a bear eating a bunch of cupcakes.

That story – courtesy of The Record newspaper in New Jersey and posted on WFAA's website on Friday – told the tale of the large black bear that smashed a car window in Rockaway Township, N.J., this week and scarfed down two dozen chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes.

The only evidence left behind was smeared icing and a paw print, the newspaper reported.

And when WFAA tweeted out the story Friday night – "Bear smashes car window, eats two dozen cupcakes inside" – it didn't matter that the cupcake heist happened more than 1,500 miles from Dallas.

By Saturday morning, the tweet had more than 2,000 likes. The result was a flood of Twitter mentions, many of which were hilarious reactions in support of the bear and his apparent sweet tooth.

Here's a sampling of some of the funniest reactions:

@coryadair: "Not so fast, @wfaa. The bear *allegedly* smashed a car window and ate two dozen cupcakes. Let a jury of his bear peers decide."

@Tenletters: "I need to hear the bear's side. Thank you."

@about_scout: "Not the hero we want but the hero we need."

@BruceTennant: "America's Spirit Animal 2018"

@AlanAdkins: "Challenge Accepted"

@marj1970: "I hope his stomach can bear it 😳😁"

@jose3030: "ALLEGEDLY!"

@ryanmcd583: "I can relate little buddy"