GREENVILLE, Texas — When the storm hit Greenville Wednesday evening, it left a trail of damage on the ground and on rooftops across town. 

Pastor John Foster of Highland Terrace Baptist Church was inside when the storm hit. 

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"You looked up a saw a lot of debris coming towards the windows and crashing into the windows," the pastor said.

Part of the roof on both sides of the church ripped off and crashed into the Sunday school rooms. No one was hurt. 

"I'm just thankful. Just thankful it's not 30 minutes later," one church member said.

Their reason? Because 30 minutes later, the church would have been full for a prayer meeting. 

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"We got our children in stairwell. Our senior adults in the stairwell. They stayed in there about 10 minutes," Foster said.

The damage in downtown Greenville is widespread. There are utility poles down and metal roofs littered all over the roads, crumpled up like foil. 

Roofers have moved in to clear the debris and get tarps up. 

As for the church, there may not be any services for a while. 

But the pastor and church members are counting their blessings because this could have all been so much worse.

"Grateful that God has provided for us," the pastor said.