KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas — Deputy Conner Martin may lack in experience, but his demeanor is far beyond in age.

"I get told that I look awfully young every day," said Martin, 23.

The Kaufman County Deputy is fresh out of the academy. He's only been on the streets for four months. Tuesday the rookie was tested.

It's all caught on camera and it's breathtaking. Body camera video shows the young deputy running to the scene of an accident on Interstate 20. Michael Pierce, 59 is trapped inside. "The smoke started coming in from the bottom, started getting worse, and flames started to actually move through the floor board," Martin said.

Martin remains calm the entire time this as smoke fills the cab of the truck. "I'd move back, out the back right door I'd take a deep breath, and then I'd go back in," Martin said.

After several attempts, he's able to move the dash panel freeing the driver's leg-- you can hear the relief in his voice. "I didn't feel any difference between that times and the other times, but this time while I was pulling, his leg slid out," Martin said.

Pierce survived. He's in a Dallas hospital in good condition. His wife said that he hopes to one day meet that officer.

"He really wanted to thank that officer, he's an angel, he pulled him out of that thing and saved his life, he said they were both crying on the ground on the ground after," Marsha Pierce, Michaels' wife said.

Martin was checked out by paramedics on scene and even stayed on the job to finish his shift. "I personally don't like the word 'hero' I think there were a lot of good people out there that helped," Martin said.