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Where do your gas tax dollars go? A big chunk does not fund Texas roads

Many of our state's transportation solutions these days involve adding toll roads. So the KVUE Defenders decided to follow the money you already pay for new roads.

Terri Gruca

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Published: 2/16/2018 10:17:38 PM
Updated: 12:38 PM CST February 17, 2018

The amount of money coming from the state and federal government for road construction is shrinking.

And a big chunk of the state's gas tax that most of us expect to pay for roads is actually paying for other things.

In the world of make believe you gas up and go. In real life traffic, construction and toll roads are the reality.

Drivers such as Angie Fitzgerald are tired of paying the price.

“It's frustrating when they keep putting in new roads because this area desperately needs new roads, but then they're all toll roads,” said Fitzgerald. “It is super expensive."

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