Inside Texas Politics began with the race for Texas Lieutenant Governor. In studio was Democrat Mike Collier. Collier is challenging Republican Dan Patrick, the incumbent. Lt. Governor Patrick is sitting on $14 million in cash. Collier joined host David Schechter and Bud Kennedy, of the Star-Telegram, to discuss how Collier plans to unseat the well-financed Lt. Governor Patrick. Schechter was filling in for Jason Whitely.


U.S. Representative Pete Sessions is in a tough fight to hold on to his District 32 seat. However, he’s getting help from some of the biggest names in the Republican party. Former President George W. Bush and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will headline fundraisers for Sessions this week. And last week, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stomped in Dallas with the longtime incumbent. In October Congressman Sessions told his fellow Republicans that he didn’t need their help to get re-elected. Patrick Svitek, covers the capitol from The Texas Tribune, he joined host David Schechter to discuss why Sessions is now accepting help from the GOP. Svitek also talked about the possibility that Texas Senate Republicans may lose its super majority in November.


There are many facts that are still unknown about the shooting death of Botham Jeans by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger. That hasn’t stopped many people from speculating and spreading false rumors. However, in this week’s My Voice, My Opinion, Chris Krok, with WBAP NewsTalk 820, said we all should be praying.


Texas hasn't elected a Democrat, statewide, in over 20 years. Democrat Kim Olson, a retired Air Force Colonel, and fourth generation farmer, wants to change that. She's challenging Sid Miller, the incumbent, to be the next Agriculture Commissioner. Olson brings a lot of passion and some controversy to this race. She joined host David Schechter to discuss the controversy and how she plans to unseat Commissioner Miller. Schechter is in for Jason Whitely.


As Hurricane Florence battered the Carolina Coast last week, President Donald Trump created a political storm of his own. He disputed the number of people who died in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. His claimed sparked this morning's Flashpoint.

From the right, Mark Davis of 660AM The Answer. And from the left, author and producer Katie Sherrod.


Reporters Roundtable puts the headlines in perspective each week. Patrick and Bud returned along with Berna Dean Steptoe, WFAA’s political producer. It was a week of another police shooting, a funeral for an innocent Black man killed by a white police officer and protests in Dallas. Patrick, Bud, and Berna Dean discussed the big picture on how this will politically affect Dallas or Texas in the long-run. The three journalists also offered perspective on what’s going to draw grassroots President Donald Trump voters out to vote for Republican incumbents in November.