CARROLLTON, Texas — Even as Glinda Hood Simmons holds her brother's obituary, it's hard to believe he's gone.

"None of us can talk about it to each other without breaking down. Wow, excuse me," she said, as tears streamed down her face.

Andre Hood, 54, should have come home October 15. Like always, he got off at the downtown Carrollton DART station after work around 8 p.m., but then, the unthinkable happened.

"We know he descended the stairs, and seconds later he was dead with massive injuries in roadway," said Jolene De Vito, Carrollton police public information officer.

Someone hit Hood, then fled the scene that rainy night. Police followed every lead and ran into dead ends, until, nearly a week later. A call from a blocked number came into the Flower Mound police department's non-emergency line, appearing to confess.

"I was driving my car and I just... I just... hit a pedestrian," said the caller.

"You picked up a pedestrian?" asked the dispatcher, apparently in disbelief.

"Yeah, yes. And he, he died," said the caller.

The dispatcher asked the man to clarify, then told him to hold on. The caller hung up. Police were unable to trace the number from the non-emergency line, and Hood's killer is still at large.

Police released the 911 call in hopes someone recognizes the man's voice. "You gave us hope and then you left us hanging," said Hood Simmons.

Police say there was little evidence at the scene, and witnesses were unable to yield much information.

A DART camera showed Hood getting off the train, and walking down the stairs. Then, a separate angle showed traffic slowing in the road, and moments later, a fire engine on the way to another emergency discovered Hood's body.

A sedan is seen braking in the immediate area at the time of the incident, but investigators found little other evidence at the scene.

"I just beg, plead with you, please come forward. We forgive you," said Hood Simmons. "Please, please, think of, if it was your family what you would want."

Hood, who worked for a relocation service, promised his sister he would be home for Thanksgiving. Instead, flowers from his funeral service still sit on her table.

"We have a missing piece in our family, a void in our life. We just, we want to start healing," said Hood Simmons.

If you were in the area at the time, or if you have any information or video that could help the investigation, call (972) 466-3333 to speak to an officer immediately, (972) 466-3329 to leave a recorded message, or email