PLANO, Texas -- The oldest house in Plano has survived 157 years, but a team of specialized movers wants to make sure it survives a move from one side of Plano to the other.

"It's so strange to watch a house move on wheels across a modern Plano that used to be the Preston Trail," said preservation advocate Candace Fountoulakis.

Moving at just about walking speed, the 'Collinwood house' as it's called is actually on its way home. The Collinwood house sits on a farm at Spring Creek and Windhaven Parkway that dates back to the 1860s.

"My grandfather was one of five kids that was raised in this house," said Clint Haggard one of the decedents assisting with the move.

Clint Haggards' great, great grandfather lived in this house. He was one of the founding families of what's grown to become the Plano we know. "My great great grandfather is kind of the first patriarch of the Haggards that first settled here and grew the land and farmed and were successful and had a big family, so his value system has kind of been carried down the generations to us," Haggard said.

The house saw many owners after his great, great grandfather's death in 1930. In 2006, the city of Plano took ownership but couldn't come up with the money to restore it. Just this year, the Haggard family, once again, took ownership of the historic house.

"Yes, it's emotional to see something like this on the road being moved. It's got to be emotional for anybody whether you're family or not," said Rutledge Haggard another member of the family.

From here, the restoration will start -- a piece they hope future generations will enjoy for centuries to come. "It's important to save history so that future generations know what we've gone through in the past to know where we've gotten to today," Clint said. "You never really know until you get them on the road."