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Dallas County health officials say they need more people to get vaccinated

The line to get tested at “yesnocovid.com” in Dallas was wrapped around the busy stretch of roadway Tuesday morning.
Credit: WFAA/Malini Basu

DALLAS — Dallas County remains in the red zone for COVID-19, and the delta variant. that means folks in Dallas County are a high-risk population for getting COVID. One of the main topics discussed with health officials Tuesday was how do we get more people vaccinated.

The line to get tested at “yesnocovid.com” in Dallas was wrapped around the busy stretch of roadway Tuesday morning.

"I have so many people come in, to the point where I have to send them to other sites,” said Alec Xander Hardin, the director for “yesnotocovid.”

The virus is still spreading, and many remain unvaccinated.

“We have a car full of people 2 people positive, 1 negative,” said Hardin.

Martin Gonzalez was one of the hundreds of people waiting to get tested for COVID-19, because he was celebrating his 24th birthday this holiday weekend.

“When are you getting vaccinated? if I’m clear, maybe in the couple of days,” said Martin Gonzalez, who is waiting to get vaccinated.

Vaccine hesitancy is still a major problem for thousands of people…

“I was waiting for my birthday weekend to pass because I didn’t want to get sick with side effects,” Gonzalez said.

Health Officials say, Dallas County remains a high-risk population for covid-19, and vaccinations are slowing down.

“About 1.25 million fully vaccinated, leaving about 1.4 million that are not fully vaccinated yet,” said Dr. Philip Huang from the Dallas County Health and Human Services.

According to health officials, close to 484,000 people in the Latino or the Hispanic population have been vaccinated, and 233,000 people in the black population has been vaccinated, and close to 435,000 people in the white population have also been vaccinated.

But that’s still not enough people getting vaccinated.

“And about 1.15 million that have not received one dose,” said Huang. 

“When people are out enjoying themselves, they don’t give rats.. about getting the vaccine,” said Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price representing District 3.

Health officials are trying to team up with community events to get people vaccinated, and even that has been a struggle.

Across the county, many healthcare workers are sharing the same story.

“We have people that are vaccinated, on their third booster shot that are still coming back positive. this is serious to social distance, wear a mask,” said Hardin.

Overall, in Dallas County, they’re seeing lower cases in vaccination rates, but more people wearing masks. Over at fair park, they will be vaccinating people until Sept. 18, from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Go here is the information for the vaccination site.