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Channel your inner Cirque du Soleil at this boutique workout studio

Moxie Mischief takes your everyday workout to new heights with acrobatic exercises – and you don't need any experience to start.


Think of this as an outdoor playground. 

"There [are] a bunch of different apparatuses, as we call them," said Jessica Harris, owner of Moxie Mischief in Farmers Branch. "We have aerial silks, which are the long pieces of fabric that you can climb up and do different acrobatic poses. 

“Then there's trapeze. There's the lyra hoop, and then hammock, and... we also have rope back here." 

With any or all of that, Moxie Mischief will turn your everyday workout upside down. 

"I dropped like 30 or 35 pounds," said Dahlia Lee, who has been coming to aerial arts classes for four years. She started with no experience, little upper body strength and low confidence. 

Now she's here six days a week. 

"I tried for probably 10 maybe 15 years to lose weight," Lee said. "Going to the gym for hours, doing different diets. Nothing ever worked for me. I needed something interesting that I could stick with that I wasn't going to be like, 'Oh, I have to go to the gym today.'  

“I wake up and I go, 'Ooh I get to learn something new today!" 

If you have a fear of heights, no worries. Beginner classes start low and you build from the ground up.  

"It makes you feel good," Crystal Finney said. 

When you watch Finney suspended from the ceiling, you'd never imagine what she went through to get here. 

"I'm an ovarian cancer survivor," Finney said. "My nervous system was damaged [from treatment] and I remember the day my neurologist said, ‘If you don't keep a strong core, if you don't work out, you'll be in a walker by [age] 40.’"

Silliness aside, this circus movement changed Finney's life. 

"It actually gives me hope that I get to... be healthy," Finney said. "This is the thing I get to do that keeps me feeling good." 

If you're ready to feel good, too, and elevate your workouts, don't be shy! Come one, come all! They'll throw you right in. 

Moxie Mischief is on ClassPass and Studio Hop. 

To learn more about Moxie Mischief, go here.

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