Passengers flying through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport have something new to look forward to during their long layovers.

A gaming hub is set up at gates E16 and B42 to help pass the time. “I sit at a charging station and scroll through Facebook for about for hours,” said Jarrid. He and his friend Carlos were traveling to Philadelphia on Monday morning. Instead of sitting idly on their phones, they sat at the E16 in a lounge chair and played games.

The president and founder of Gameway, Jordan Walbridge, said DFW is the first airport to launch his product. “It’s 42 cents a minute,” he said, “But if you were to game unlimited, to game for as little or as long as you like for only $20.”

He reached out to the top 10 airports in the United States and got many responses, but he said DFW jumped on the deal. Thirty-six stations are now set up between the two gates. Each station has a lounge chair, noise-canceling headphones, and the latest X-Box with 19 games pre-downloaded. It also includes a charging station for your personal devices.

“It’s simple, cheap and easy. It’s the best way to pass the time,” Passenger Jarrid said. While his friend, Carlos agreed, “They told me the price. I was like ‘sold’.”