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"You've got to find Ruby" | Fort Worth family's dog miraculously survives a house fire that burned everything else down.

"You could just see her head sticking out right here. There’s not a burn on her. There’s not a scratch on her. She’s perfectly fine," Janice Holsteen said.

FORT WORTH, Texas — There is very little left of Gentry and Ron King’s home.

The Fort Worth couple walked through it Sunday, just over a week after it burned down.

"I look up there," Ron King told WFAA, gesturing to where the second floor of the home used to be. "And I remember how things were... and now it’s just completely wiped out." 

Last Friday, the couple got the call from their neighbors. They were out of town when their house burned overnight in the middle of a nasty storm. 

"The very back corner of the closet is where the lightning struck," Ron King said. 

All of their clothing burned. Half of their home collapsed.

"We have family photos, our home videos were here," Gentry King said. "They’re all gone."  

But the couple shed very few tears. They are incredibly positive given what's happened.

"The Fort Worth fire department was great," Ron King gushed. "They really took care of us."

"I know there’s good that’s gonna come from this," Gentry King told WFAA.

Because nothing they lost, not the yearbook photos, family photos, or even the house itself, matters more than Ruby.

"I went into full on panic, 'the dogs, the dogs, where are the dogs?' that’s when they told us ruby was missing," Gentry said.

Ruby is the Kings' beloved 5-year-old dog. Passed down to them from Gentry King’s mother who died only four months ago.

"All I hear from gentry is, 'you got to find ruby you got to find ruby,'" Janice Holsteen, Gentry's best friend told WFAA.

Holsteen was tasked with finding Ruby as the Kings rushed back to town. 

"I’m like, I can’t look Gentry in the face and not find this dog," Holsteen said.   

It took 9 hours, but she finally found her.

"Right literally here," Holsteen explained gesturing to a nook in the King's laundry room. "You could just see her head sticking out right here. There’s not a burn on her. There’s not a scratch on her. She’s perfectly fine."

That miracle, combined with the crosses that survived when almost nothing else did, strengthened the Kings' faith. They hope their story might strengthen someone else’s too. 

"Then every bit of it was worth it," Gentry King cried.

Once they buy new clothes and print new photos, their plan is to rebuild right where their house burned.

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