DALLAS — A former Dallas mayor is preparing to shake things up this election season. 

Laura Miller is throwing her name back into the political ring. This time, Miller is running for the District 13 City Council seat.

"I feel like I did a lot of things as mayor,” Miller said after filing election paperwork on Friday. “But my passion has always been local neighborhoods."

Miller said it was the development affecting neighborhoods around areas like Preston Center that now has her running against District 13 incumbent Jennifer Staubach Gates.

"The homeowners in our area are under siege by developers in our area who are fully supported by our councilwoman, with no regard to traffic and pedestrian and parking problems," Miller said.

Miller served as mayor from 2002-2007. Decisions during her tenure are expected to be hot topics in the coming weeks. Some people are still blaming her for issues such as losing the Dallas Cowboys to Arlington.

"I'm a 60-year-old mellow person now,” Miller said. “I only have one focus on being on the city council, and that is to protect the homeowners of all of District 13 who are exhausted by what has been happening for six years."

The former mayor says she is coming into this year’s Council race in hopes of preventing some active zoning cases from going through.

"I believe we need a change in leadership," resident Steve Dawson said. 

He and his family have owned property in District 13 for decades. He is also concerned about the so-called high density push for the area. Dawson said he is optimistic about Miller’s chances in this election.

"I think she has a great deal of support in District 13," Dawson said.

Jennifer Staubach Gates issued a statement after Miller filed to run against her: 

“I’ve got a solid record of leading for basics likes streets, infrastructure and police, and that’s where I’m focused going forward. That’s why I chose to run for re-election – to keep leading for these basics, and to keep our neighborhoods strong. We’re on the right path, and we need to stay the course.”