HIGHLAND PARK, Texas—A man and a woman were in custody Tuesday night, after fleeing to Highland Park when they were both shot and wounded while committing car burglaries in Dallas, police say.

Just before 8 p.m., police were called to 4200 Oak Lawn in Highland Park. A shopping center is in that area, and an eyewitness there told WFAA that he dialed 911 after finding a woman in the parking lot with a gunshot wound.

Dustin Ridgeway, a food delivery driver, said he was picking up an order when a truck pulled in and pushed the woman out of the cab. “I noticed a woman stumble out of the truck and she looked dazed,” Ridgeway said. “The driver yelled at her, and then I saw her collapse.”

He continued, “The man in the truck shouted at me that she needs help and that she was shot. Once he got our attention he sped off.”

Down the street at Preston and Beverly, police were working a second scene connected to the investigation.

Near the intersection was a wrecked Chevrolet Silverado. According to Lt. Lance Koppa of Highland Park Police, the wrecked truck was the one that dumped the woman off in the shopping center.

He said the driver of the suspect truck crashed into another vehicle and then fled the scene. He was later caught on Livingston Dr. and also had a gunshot wound.

Koppa told WFAA that the wrecked truck matched a suspect vehicle description connected to a case being handled by Dallas Police earlier in the night.

The man and the woman, according to Koppa, were breaking into cars along Central Expressway and were shot in the process somehow.

He said they escaped and headed towards Highland Park. Details were limited regarding how they were shot, Koppa said because the case was being handled by Dallas Police and not HPD.

Koppa said that the woman has non-life threatening injuries. It's not clear how the male suspect is doing.

Their names and ages were not released, and Koppa said charges were pending.

DPD is leading the investigation.

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