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North Forney high school student saves choking classmate with Heimlich maneuver

A student was choking in the cafeteria, and this North Forney senior jumped into action to save their life.

FORNEY, Texas — A North Forney High School student is being heralded a hero after saving the life of a choking classmate. 

According to the school's social media, Gustavo Rubio Jr., a senior at the school, jumped into action and saved his classmate who was choking in the cafeteria.

The reaction to his life-saving actions were heartwarming and well-deserved.

Here are just a few: 

" AMAZING JOB! Thank you for stepping up and making a quick decision that made a difference in saving a life. 💥 Young men and women like you are the world's true SUPER HEROES!!!!," Dusty KSmile said.

"Very proud grampa that's my grand son," said Rubio's grandfather, who goes by Viejo Rubio on Facebook.

"Great job Gus!! Way to be there & helping others!! Proud Tia," Andrea Rubio Rocha said.

"Awesome job young man!!! My daughter told me she saw this happening yesterday," said Rosalinda Salas.

"There are good kids in our Forney schools and more should be highlighted! Way to go, Gustavo, Kristi Moore Catuncan said."

#trueNorth Senior, Gustavo Rubio Jr., renders lifesaving aid! A choking classmate in the cafateria prompted Gustavo to...

Posted by North Forney High School on Thursday, March 23, 2023

Rubio is a defensive end and outside linebacker on North Forney's football team. According to his Twitter profile, he has a 3.6 weighted GPA and a 4.3 cumulative GPA.

Coaches and staff at the school raved about Rubio's character.

Head football coach Eric Luster said on Twitter "Gustavo Rubio is a leader. He lives by this quote ..."Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell. Not things to show .... people will tell this story a long time...."

Head basketball coach Mark Patton said "we are blessed to have a young man like this on our campus."

The Cleveland Clinic describes the Heimlich maneuver as such: 

"The Heimlich maneuver is performed by wrapping your arms around a person, making a fist with one hand and clasping it with the other. You place your fists between the person’s ribcage and belly button and thrust your hands into their abdomen until the object is freed. The Heimlich maneuver can be a life-saving rescue technique, but it should only be used if the person can’t breathe and is conscious."

For more information on the Heimlich maneuver, click here.

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