CARROLLTON, Texas — A Lewisville ISD elementary school transported students back and forth to a nearby middle school to use the restroom Thursday after a sewer line break was discovered in its parking lot.

The school, Indian Creek Elementary, sent out a notice at 7:30 a.m.Thursday to parents and staff.

The notice says, “Due to a sewer line break under the teacher parking lot, Indian Creek Elementary is currently without water. At this time, we are continuing with our normal schedule.”

It continues saying, “the district will provide a bus service to Arbor Creek Middle School for restroom breaks, and sack lunches and bottled water will be made available to students and staff. In addition, we have a plan in place for those who may have emergency restroom needs during the day.”

Arbor Creek is just down the road from Indian Creek.

Several buses could be seen taking children to and from the school this morning and afternoon.

PTA President and parent Calaye Saunders said that students had plenty of bottled water to drink.

“We bought some water bottles, local churches brought some, and the PTA has donated water bottles,” Saunders said.

According to Saunders, the principal of the school makes an announcement every 30 minutes or so for trips to the bathroom.

“Whoever needs to go stands in a line, and we get them there down the street, so it’s pretty quick,” Saunders said.

A parent, Sarah Groover, has a son in kindergarten at the school. She used to be a teacher and told WFAA that this must not have been easy for staff.

“You can’t just tell a 5-year-old to hold it, and you can’t tell them no you can’t have a drink of water either,” Groover said.

“This is just a prime example that teachers are going to do what it takes to go above and beyond to serve our kids.”

A spokesperson for the district told WFAA over the phone that canceling classes wasn’t a good option because parents would have to come get their kids on short notice.

Around noon, the principal of the school sent out an update saying, “Students have responded beautifully to this minor disruption to the school day. I am so proud of them!”

As of 5 p.m. Thursday, the district said repairs are complete and the water is back on.