DALLAS -- Squad cars and a command vehicle can be an intimidating presence, but Brian Nolff and his fellow officers are on a different kind of mission.

"I remember when I was younger, and you got a pair of shoes you felt better, and you got more confidence, it's a good thing," Nolff said.

They're escorting 650 pairs of shoes to cover 1,300 feet. "Oh, they run out of shoes every half a year, every six months or so, they run out of them," said Diane Ware a Summer Program Instructor with Dallas Parks & Recreation

First stop is the Dallas Rec Center, part of the NW division Nolf patrols every day. A day program hosts young, growing children who can tear through several pairs of shoes in a year.

"For them to see us in a different light and kind of more relaxed atmosphere was good for them -- it was a good deal for them and also," Nolff said.

And a good deal for the parents of these young kids who are often working long hours to provide.

"And that's a nice little relief off the parents, and they don't have to worry about it because sometimes they don't even realize that the kid has outgrown the shoe," Ware said.

Officer Nolff is a 28-year veteran of Dallas Police who just recently started this program. It's an idea that came after seeing many young kids stretching out those worn out sneakers as long as possible.

"We would go into the summer months, and we would see some of the kids come in and you would see that their shoes were just worn out," Nolff said.

This visit isn't just about shoes -- Nolf wants these young men and women to know that their neighborhood cops care about them.

"Especially the men, our boys need to see more men -- yes this is great," Ware said.

The shoes are donated from business and community members across Dallas, a tradition that he's started and hopes to carry on as long as he can. "I'll be doing this probably the rest of my career," Nolff said.

If you would like to participate contact Ofc. Nolff: Brian.nolff@dallascityhall.com.