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Dallas man fills 18-wheeler with toys for kids in need

The spirit of Santa Claus can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and that sentence couldn’t be truer when you meet Gregory Hudson.

Hudson, along with Ima Hood Survivor Foundation, Real Life Situations Clothing, Operation Community Care, DTLR, and Urban Specialists had one simple goal this Christmas…fill an entire 18-wheeler with toys for about 1,000 kids in need.

It was a first for Hudson, who says he’s never done something like this before.

“Pretty much the whole 18-wheeler idea was put together to get people excited,” Hudson said. “On Christmas, you want to turn it up a little bit more, because the kids are so excited—and when they’re happy they do other good things in life.”

Hudson and his community partners identified 8 areas around North Texas where kids needed toys.

After gathering donations, Hudson has been dropping off toys across Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and Lancaster the past two days.

Oftentimes, catching up with parents who are grateful they heard of Hudson, the 18-wheeler, and the generosity that came with it.

That includes Shay Hart, who walked away with toys for her two kids and nephew Monday in South Dallas.

“It really helps,” Hart said. “Especially because our kids need it. It’s good that people like him are giving back to the community.”

Many of the toys, Hudson said, were bought with his own money. And he says that it’s cash well spent, adding that he used to be a kid who struggled.

“When you get up, make sure you go back and take care of your people,” Hudson said.

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