FORT WORTH — A violent night in a southeast Fort Worth neighborhood ended with seven people shot during a drive-by shooting. Two of the gunshot victims died.

According to Fort Worth police spokesperson Brad Perez, the first responders found the victims at a house party in a neighborhood in the 1000 block of Davis Avenue at about 11 p.m. Friday.

Fort Worth Police identified the two deceased individuals Sunday morning as 30-year-old Ramsez Hall and 32-year-old Shemeka Rodriguez.

Both of the victims were found dead on the sidewalk area in front of the residence.

WFAA reporter Tanya Eiserer reported it's believed an occupant or occupants of a small black car opened fire as the vehicle traveled down Davis Street.

At some point, one or more people got out of the car and continued firing on at least one home, Eiserer reported.

There was limited information available about a description of a possible suspect or suspects, but Perez said a gang unit was on scene.

It was also unclear how many shooters were involved. Victims were taken to multiple hospitals in the area.

Ethel Love, who has lived on Davis for years, told WFAA that shootings have been a problem in the neighborhood for some time. She believes her cousin was killed in the shooting.

"I think I heard over 80 shots," Love said. "Several times I've been afraid of my own life. Matter of fact, my mother's house got shot up one time."

Other neighbors say the violence has gotten so bad they're saving money to move. Claudia Zubia and her husband moved to the area about a year ago and say the violence has gotten worse.

"You hear those gunshots and just worry one will come in your house where your children sleep," Zubia said.

Eight hours after the shooting, investigators remained on the scene working to gather evidence and determine how the violent night unfolded.

"This is all some sort of drug deal, they'll say something like that," Love said. "In the end, it's families being hurt. People dying and it just doesn't make any sense at all."

Melinda Hamilton says her daughter, who didn't have children of her own, loved being around her nieces and nephews, "Meka was always smiling. She always had a big grin." Hamilton raised her and a sibling ever since their father passed away when they were very young.

Hamilton spoke to WFAA, Sunday about the shooting that claimed Rodriguez's life. "It needs to stop. It needs to stop. It was all senseless," she added. "What did the get out of shooting these people?"

Hamilton is a well-known community activist and president of the East Fort Worth Neighborhood Coalition. She's hoping more can be done to combat gun violence in her community.

"We need to take our communities back. Period."

In the meantime, Hamilton continues the painful process of mourning her daughter's death.