DALLAS -- A woman who is HIV-positive was arrested earlier this week after officers found her completely nude and high on crack cocaine, then she resisted arrest and spit in the face of a paramedic.

According to jail records, Lacresha Craig, 27, was booked into the Dallas County Jail on four counts of harassment of a public servant.

Authorities responded to a call from the 2800 block of Holmes Street early Tuesday morning after Dallas paramedics called for assistance in treating an uncooperative woman.

Once officers arrived to the scene, they found Craig "on her back butt naked" on the grass adjacent to the street.

Police say Craig was screaming unintelligibly and continued to flail her arms when asked what her name was, so they restrained her with handcuffs, enabling paramedics to treat her.

Paramedics say they called police because Craig kept trying to spit on them.

While paramedics were trying to treat Craig she became more and more agitated and continued yelling and complaining to let her stand up. She also admitted to using crack cocaine earlier that day.

To stop her from continuously spitting, paramedics put a mask over her mouth, but she was able to get it off of her face and continued spitting, at one point hitting one of the officers in the face and mouth with saliva.

Craig was transported to Baylor Hospital. Hospital staff told police Craig had been there previously and tested positive for HIV.

Craig had previously been charged with harassing a public servant by police from the Dallas County Hospital District.

After being treated, she was jailed on $10,000 bond.