A North Texas couple's sentence hearing for lying to the FBI about their sons supporting international terrorist group ISIS has been cancelled until further notice.

Mohammad Ali and his wife Sumaiya faced up to eight years in prison for lying to agents about international terrorism. However, according to court documents, they pleaded guilty and struck a deal, receiving probation and a $5,000 fine.

Documents show the couple's two sons traveled from Egypt to Syria via Turkey between October and December 2014 to fight for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

The documents show that Mohammad and Sumaiya Ali knew about their sons' plans and were in contact with them while they were overseas, trading travel plans and updates via email.

After the men arrived in Syria and began fighting for ISIS, the documents show that their parents continued to communicate with them about their location and efforts.

The FBI caught wind and began investigating in May of 2015. While interviewing Mohammad, he told them his sons were in Egypt. He added that they are "peaceful, liked to study, and never indicated that they would be affiliated with any terrorist groups."

"The defendant continued to reiterate there was no way his sons were in Syria," documents show.

While interviewing Sumaiya Ali, she told FBI agents that her sons had traveled to no other countries besides Egypt.

She insisted that her sons "are very reserved and had not made friends in Egypt," and added that they would never be involved with ISIS or any other terrorist group.

The couple will be officially sentenced on Wednesday.

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