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Some people are posing as Dallas police to get through traffic. Here's how to know they're fake.

Police are warning those suspects that pretending to be police is a felony and could land you in prison for up to a decade.
Credit: Metro Video DFW
Police investigate a carjacking shooting in North Dallas.

DALLAS — Dallas police are currently looking into reports of people posing as officers, and they want to make sure you don't fall for it.

The department said there have been a few cases recently where people have put red and blue lights on their vehicles to cut through traffic and pull people over. 

There are no details about specific incidents at this time.

It might be tempting to try to pull that off to get through Texas traffic, but Dallas police are putting out this reminder: It is a crime to pose as an officer. "Impersonating a Public Servant" is a third-degree felony and anyone found guilty of it can go to jail for 2-10 years.

If you're ever in a situation where you think you're being pulled over by a fake cop, here's what real police say you can do:

  • If it's an unmarked car, turn your blinkers on, drive the speed limit, and call 911. Ask the dispatcher to verify that the car trying to pull you over is an actual officer.
  • If you don't have a phone handy, park in a well-lit, busy area like the parking lot of a grocery store.
  • DO NOT stop your vehicle until the dispatcher confirms that an officer is really pulling you over. If they can't confirm, stay on the call and ask for real police to help. You can also drive to safe place like a police department.

If you see anything suspicious, Dallas police say don't wait to report it.

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