Police have identified three suspects in connection to two of the nine armed robberies reported across the city in the last 10 days.

Dallas police said Francisco Jose Salazar, 17, Guillermo Diego Rubi, 19, and Enrique Curry Rivera, 20, are responsible for the robbery in the 900 block of Evergreen Hill Road. Police pulled over a car that was stolen in one of the robberies, and arrested the three of them.

Police are continuing to investigate the rest of the robberies. "We had a good indication that [the suspect] was responsible," Castro said in a news conference on Tuesday. "These other two individuals happened to be with him at the time of that stop."

Salazar and Rubi are also accused of robbery in the 4300 block of Cabell Drive.

Detectives said the thieves attacked victims while they are leaving and coming home. Video of one of the robberies was obtained by WFAA Monday night.

Last Thursday at a home off of Hobson in Dallas, surveillance footage shows the thieves approaching a woman as she gets home from work.

She's walking into her driveway when two suspects pull up next to her in her car, get out, point guns at her, rob her, then take off. In this video, at least 3 suspects are working together. A getaway driver waits in the car while the other 2 suspects complete the robbery.

Last Friday, police say the thieves became more violent on Llano Drive.

According to the Dallas Police Department, multiple armed suspects approached a man as he got out of his car on his driveway. They then forced him at gunpoint into his Lower Greenville neighborhood home and robbed him.

The wife didn’t want to go on camera for safety reasons but told WFAA what happened. She said she and her husband pulled into their driveway on Friday night when they were taken over by five young men.

The suspects were armed and forced them into their home and robbed them. The victim said her husband was pistol-whipped. He was left bleeding with a concussion.

The victim told WFAA on Sunday he didn't want to speak on-camera but is still dazed after the attack and is feeling anxious.

The string of incidents began on November 30 with an armed robbery of a woman in Oak Cliff in the 700 block of Comal.

According to police reports, two more robberies took place less than an hour later in Old East Dallas, in the 5200 block of East Side Ave and another in the 5400 Tremont in the Junius Heights neighborhood.

Dallas City Council member Adam Medrano told WFAA he became aware of another incident a few days later. “Everyone should be concerned right now," Medrano said.

On December 2, a similar style attack happened in the 4300 block of Cabell, just east of 75/Lemmon, with multiple armed suspects forcing a man from his car on the driveway inside at gunpoint and robbing him.

"We've met with one of the victims in that attack," Medrano said. "I asked Chief Hall to meet with the victim, and we have. They immediately stepped up patrols in the area."

DPD has also added a 360-degree mobile camera on Peak, just a few hundred yards from the attack. Medrano says it is added visibility, but not the only additional security in the area.

“There’s some obvious (security enhancements) ones and there’s some that are not as obvious that are in the neighborhood," Medrano said.

"We’re just trying to do everything we can to put these guys in jail.”

Police say all of the robberies occurred between Dec. 2 and Dec. 7, with other cases on Nov. 30. Each robbery happened in the evening.

For Brianna Martinez, the time was 6 p.m. She lives in Oak Cliff and was leaving her home to get some soft drinks for her dinner when several men pulled up, approached her at gunpoint, threw her down on her lawn and robbed her.

They made off with her credit card and drained $800 out of the account. "It's just crazy how anyone would think that this is an ok thing to do," Martinez said. "

"Why would they want to choose me? To make me feel unsafe? To violate my space? In my own home?"

DPD has provided limited suspect descriptions, saying they are looking for men between the ages of 17-20 years old, armed with handguns and driving a Black Cadillac 4-door sedan and a gold pickup truck.

Police did not say what vehicle the suspect arrested Tuesday was riding in.

DPD is working with other departments, like Carrollton Police Department, to see if similar cases are linked.

A video surfaced in Carrolton over the weekend on Facebook showing some suspects approach a father at gunpoint while he was trying to enter his home.

One suspect puts a gun in his face and asks for his credit card and pin numbers.

A full list of places the police are investigating can be found below. If you have information relating to these offenses, please contact Detective Joshua Romero (214) 671-3645 or email him at joshua.romero@dallascityhall.com.


  • 4300 Cabell DrIve
  • 2700 Maryland Avenue
  • Nolte Drive
  • 900 Evergreen Hill Road
  • 5900 Llano Avenue
  • 1000 S. Pearl Expressway
  • 5200 East Side Avenue
  • 700 Comal Street
  • 300 Hobson