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In Burleson ISD, a unicorn-sized surprise for one young student battling cancer

One young girl set to undergo cancer treatments got a magical surprise so big it could make us all believers.

BURLESON, Texas — Ms. Robinson’s first grade class at Frazier Elementary School in Burleson is dealing with issues they shouldn’t have to. 

A stuffed monkey propped up at a desk represents a student that's missing school as he and his family fight cancer. 

Unfortunately, 6-year-old Rae Lynn Almand can relate. 

“We knew that something was wrong with her hand, and then we made and appointment to the doctor to the next day,” said Mekaela Almanad, Rae Lynn’s mother.

An MRI revealed a tumor in the base of Rae Lynn's skull–clival chordoma. 

“It’s hard,” said Principal Dena Schimming. "We went and visited her in the hospital and just her spirit. She really never allowed her joy to leave her, but you could tell that she was really struggling."

Soon, this little girl will be on medical leave, just like her classmate. Shimming wants her to know how much she’s loved. 

Credit: Aria Rose Photography

“She’s really struggled," the principal sad. "She’s struggled with her health and the way that she feels and she looks, and we just want her to feel beautiful to feel magical."

This week, Rae Lynn thought she was getting treated to lunch with the principal, but that’s when the surprises started coming, and didn't stop.

Cue the makeup artist. But what’s makeup with out a fancy dress?

And of course, you need a photographer. 

“It’s really heartwarming to see all the things that this elementary school has done for her," Almanad said. "I feel really privileged that my kids get to go here."

You may have noticed, the day was unicorn themed. That’s Rae Lynn’s favorite animal, and YES she knows they’re not real. That doesn’t matter. 

“Doctors say that for this tumor–for it to never come back–is rare. Super, super rare," Almanad said. "And I’m praying that she’s my unicorn and that it never comes back."

The last surprise? Rae Lynn got a photoshoot with a real-life unicorn magical enough to make us all believe. It was all to send off a little girl who they pray will be back very soon. 

“Just love them every single day – because you don’t know how much time you have with them," Almanad said. "It’s not promised, so just love them every single day."

A lesson that won’t be lost on this community. 

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