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Austin-based Tito's trolling hard seltzer trend by selling $20 empty can

The Texas vodka company said all net proceeds will go to nonprofits.

AUSTIN, Texas — Everyone is doing it. Every brand is creating their own version of a hard seltzer. 

Austin-based Tito's Handmade Vodka, however, is taking a different approach. 

In a new video called “Finally, Tito’s in a Can,” an announcer says, “There comes a time when every alcohol brand must ask, ‘Should we make a seltzer?’ and our answer is...no.”

There is a new product the Texas vodka company goes on to promote: an empty, reusable 16-ounce insulated can. Tito's in a can. 

"We don’t make seltzers, but we did make this reusable empty can…so you can make them however you want. In this can," the brand tweeted.

Taylor Berry, vice president of brand marketing for Tito's, told CNN they have no fear of missing out on canned cocktails. 

"Ultimately, from a brand standpoint, [we're] holding true to what we know and the strategy we've had from the beginning — making vodka," Berry told CNN. "There's an element of this brand not being sellouts."

The empty Tito's can is on sale for $20 online. Net proceeds from the can sales go to nonprofits Tito’s supports which include Emancipet, Accion Opportunity Fund, American Farmland Trust, Hire Heroes USA, and Meals on Wheels America.

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