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'Is that a dang baboon?': Primate seen wandering around Mineral Wells reunited with owners

"Someone in your town is playing Jumanji," one person commented.

Mineral Wells resident Bradee Hay had just dropped off her son at school Friday morning when she was driving home and spotted something unusual: there was a baboon walking down the street.

"I was like 'Is that a dang baboon?!?' It took me a second to react to what I was seeing because I've never seen one up close like that before," Hay said. "Only at the zoo. I was just In shock! Other vehicles just kept driving by like it was normal, and I'm wondering, ARE THEY NOT SEEING THIS!?"

It was around 7:30 a.m. when Hay saw the baboon in the middle of the road and Mineral Wells police received notification of the baboon as well.

She parked her car and called a friend who works at the animal shelter. She posted a video on Facebook where she and her friend went up to the baboon as it climbed under a carport.

"Someone in your town is playing Jumanji," one person commented.

The baboon was reunited with its owners within two hours, Hay said.

"It was a really cool experience and I'm glad I stopped and called who I needed to call to get the situation under control," Hay said.

Mineral Wells police say that it turns out the primate is legal to own.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife said that exotic species are regulated by the municipal or county animal control.

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