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#UpWithHer: Gardenuity owner connecting people through plants

Align yourself with experts, but rely on your own experience, too, to be a successful entrepreneur, this local business owner advises.

Connection is what we're all lacking these days, but a Dallas business woman is combining technology and natural science to bring people together through gardening.

Donna Letier founded 'Gardenuity' because she's an expert gardener, but she also knew she could make the experience better. 

"The reason people don't garden is they don't think they have time, space and they don't know how," Letier said.

And most people plant the wrong thing, at the wrong time.

"To figure out how it would work, I actually joined about 10 different dating sites, [even though] I was happily married, to see how the algorithms worked by matching people to people; I thought we can match people to plants," Letier said. 

Their matches are usually much more successful. 

The square-foot garden her company sells is customized to a plant's needs. Letier even works with a PhD in soil— she tells any entrepreneur to align themself with experts. 

But at the same time, don't let their knowledge prevent you from making use of your own skill set. 

"Well, you're the head of the PTA, you've been on every volunteer group, take that experience and channel it into being an entrepreneur," Letier advised.

To experience the joy of gardening you have to participate, she explains, and the same is true when it comes to building your business; to be present. 

"In your 20s, you listen in a hurry to get ahead, in your 30s, you listen to be done so you can move on to your next task. And for me, 40s and 50s, you listen with the joy of learning." 

Want to hear more Letier and her experiences as a business owner?

Join Daybreak Anchor Kara Sewell, Letier and two North Texas mommy bloggers for an interactive Mother's Day virtual event on Thursday, May 7 at 5 p.m. It's an interactive Mother's Day experience with tips & tricks on DIY Mother's Day projects and some gardening. RSVP for free here at this link.

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