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She had a heart attack at 33. This is what she wants you know.

Domonique Reagan has made a full recovery since her heart attack on Christmas Eve.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Of all the blessings 33-year-old Domonique Reagan has had in her life, she’s especially thankful for having a heart attack.

“It’s unfortunate that had to happen to me, but I would do it again if I could help somebody else,” Reagan said.

It was Christmas Eve when she started having chest pains. Fortunately, her husband got her to the hospital quickly.

She said she’s lucky she did because she knows it could’ve been much worse.

Four years earlier, her mom, Virginia, died from a heart attack at just 45.

Still, when Reagan started on the road to recovery, she planned to travel it alone.

“Cardiac rehab was recommended by my doctor and honestly, I didn’t want to do it,” Reagan said. “I just felt like I could do it on my own.”

A few days later, though, she went to a Bible study and told a nurse there about her plan to do her own rehab. The nurse said she had a patient who made the same decision and it turned out to be a fatal one.

To Reagan, it was a sign she couldn’t and shouldn’t rehab alone.

With the help of doctors and nurses at Texas Health Arlington Memorial, Reagan recovered safely and without issue.

Her husband and kids are especially grateful.

By sharing her story, Reagan hopes others, especially young people like her, realize they’re not invincible and recognize the symptoms.

That’s why she believes if there’s any reason to be thankful for a heart attack, it’s being able to prevent someone else’s.

“I’m very blessed,” Reagan said. “It’s God. He still has me here for a reason, to help others.”

A desire to help others is a sign of a very strong heart.

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