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EXCLUSIVE: The Property Brothers tell us how 'we reimagine space'

The Property Brothers sat down with WFAA's Kara Sewell before they greeted thousands of fans in The Colony.

THE COLONY, Texas — Drew and Jonathan Scott, a.k.a the "Property Brothers," just signed a new deal with HGTV, launched a furniture line at NFM and are both raising families. 

Recently at NFM, they carved out some time to chat with WFAA Daybreak anchor Kara Sewell before they greeted thousands of fans in The Colony. Here's a look at their conversation.

"You don’t even need your own family photos anymore because we just give you our own photos in the frames," Jonathan Scott said, joking about the frames that are part of their NFM line. "Is that weird?"

Sitting down with the Scott brothers at NFM in The Colony felt like kicking back in their own living room.

"We always design around function first, not just aesthetic," Drew Scott said. "And I think a lot of people have just focused on how pretty something is. You’ll never enjoy a space if you just have pretty. You need to function the way your family functions."

The brothers told WFAA they receive about 500,000 messages a week on social media from homeowners who want their help.

"We are seeing so many people asking for more flexibility at home. They want multi-purpose spaces, whether it’s going to be a home office for your Zooms or a yoga studio," Jonathan Scott said. 

"Wait, in 2023 you’re going to start teaching yoga? I’m going to start teaching yoga. You heard it here first. Downward kitchen," Drew Scott added. 

Sewell also asked the Property Brothers about building their brand and how to maintain its success.

"Your audience and the consumer can sniff out something that is not authentic, so you must be authentic to your brand," Jonathan Scott said. "But you also have to find focus. It’s okay to try different things but making sure that you’re rooted in something that is focused is key. For us, the pillars are quality, family and making sure that we always stand by what we say that we’re going to do."

"We also call it our company 'our no B-S policy.' That’s how we were raised and that’s how we are," Drew Scott added. "If there’s something that’s bugging us. or we’re not agreeing about something, we just get it out, deal with it and move on."

Both brothers moved into new roles this year: Drew is a first-time dad and Jonathan is now the fun uncle.

"Parker is perplexed when he sees our two faces together," Johnathan Scott joked. "I’m like the baby whisperer. I can tell that somehow Parker is like 'wow! Somehow daddy shaved and got better looking suddenly.'"

"When [Parker] was a baby, he had more curls," Drew Scott said. "Parker has crazy good curls right now. Jonathan was the one with the curls back in the day. He’s always been the brother with the better hair."

"Can you do a perm?" Sewell said. 

"I’m down for anything. I did," Drew Scott responded. "I have never told anybody this, but I use to have a crimper and a curling iron. And at one point in my teens, I used to curl my hair."

Even the twin brother didn't know.

"What?! I am learning this live on camera," Jonathan Scott said. 

Sewell asked the Scott brothers about common questions they get from people during this time in the housing market.

"The main thing is so many people think 'my house doesn’t work, I need a new home.' And a lot of times, what we’re trying to do is look at what the real problem is," Drew Scott said. "Because a lot of times, your home will work for you. You just must reimagine it and that is what we do on Forever Home. We reimagine a space."

Watch the full interview on WFAA's YouTube channel here

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