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Irving brothers form non-profit in order to 'leave the world better than they found it'

Dhruv and Vansh Nanda started "Mission Tomorrow" to serve underprivileged communities on the belief that any impact they can have on the world is important.

A lot of kids dream of growing up and one day changing the world, but Irving brothers Dhruv and Vansh Nanda thought why wait?

“We can’t just say 'We’ll let someone else do it,' or 'We’ll do it in 10 years later.' We’re doing it now, and we can also do it later,” said Vansh.

Dhruv, a junior at TAG magnet school in Dallas, and Vansh, a junior at Coppell, admit they’ve had a pretty good life.

However, after visiting their parents’ home country of India and witnessing poverty throughout Dallas, it was obvious not everyone is so fortunate.

“We were able to go around and see all of that happening, and we decided to take action based upon that,” Vansh said.

“I just feel it is our duty to help, not just as individuals but as a community,” Dhruv added.

To help the community, a few months ago they started a non-profit called Mission Tomorrow.

“Our main mission is to create a better world than the one we came in,” Dhruv said.

One of their first projects was delivering clean water after February’s winter storm resulted in frozen and broken pipes all over Texas.

While doing that, they learned that in some communities, access to clean water is a year-round problem.

That’s why they’ve handed out thousands of bottles since.

Most of the water is donated from grocery stores and other area businesses.

Dhruv and Nanda have partnered with the Soul for Christ Food Ministry in Dallas to hand out pallets full of water.

Organizers there say they’ve never been able to hand out this much water.

“It says a lot about these young men,” one explained.

“And we thank God that he has put such a desire in young men like those two, and we can’t thank them enough,” another organizer said.

Dhruv and Vansh hope to eradicate poverty by improving access to health and education resources, as well as the environment.

For them, that means doing what is needed for those who need it.

“Whether it’s a small impact or a big impact, it is an impact, and that is what truly matters to me,” Dhruv said.

That’s because no matter what the future holds, the best time to change the world is now.

For more information on Mission Tomorrow, visit https://www.missiontomorrow.org/.

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