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So long to the drive-thru: This North Texas town just got a drone delivery service

It's the first city in Texas to feature food drone delivery.

GRANBURY, Texas — How do you look to the future when your city is so committed to preserving the past?

In Granbury, just look up.

“Whenever they look back, they’ll say Granbury was the first city in Texas to have a drone,” said Jason McGarry, regional manager of operations for Flytrex.

There are other drones, but the new one in Granbury is the first one that’ll bring dinner.

Flytrex is based in North Carolina, and Granbury is its first city in Texas to have food delivery by drone.

“We’ve got a lot of boxes we have to check off and Granbury is the city that checked off all those boxes,” McGarry said.

Oftentimes, there are many restrictions in heavily populated areas like Dallas and Fort Worth, which is why Granbury was the perfect spot.

Customers who live within a mile of the launch pad can order from the Flytrex app, which includes many quick service restaurants in the city.

Once the food is ready, a representative from Flytrex picks it up and loads it in the drone. It’s then delivered to a customer’s house or delivery point in less than five minutes.

For most customers, it’s exciting to see.

“You’ll see people dance,” McGarry said.

Not only are customers excited to see their meals drop in from the sky, they’re happy to not wait in any lines.

“I’m never going through the drive-thru again,” one customer said.

And why would you, when you can get it on the fly?

It’s a service you can’t find anywhere else in Texas.

And if it takes off?

“We just start growing,” McGarry said. “And start offering the service everywhere we can.”

In other words, the sky’s the limit.

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