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What's a micro amusement park? Two Bit Circus wants to show you

The entertainment complex opened just before Thanksgiving at The Shops at Park Lane

DALLAS — Lions, tigers and barely any time to catch the circus before it rolls right back out of town.

However, a new circus in Dallas isn’t going anywhere.

Two Bit Circus technically isn’t a circus; it’s a micro amusement park.

“What is a micro amusement park,” asked Andy Levey, chief marketing officer for Two Bit Circus. “It’s comprised of various zones.”

Levey says each zone uses technology to give a taste and a thrill similar to what someone would get at a full-scale amusement park.

For example, The Midway has games fit for a carnival. There’s the classic skee-ball and similar games, but many of them use technology to enhance the game.

A virtual reality arena allows guests to ride rollercoasters or fight zombies.

“You’re going to feel wind, you’re going to feel heat, you’re going to scream,” Levey said.

All sorts of challenges, like performing surgery, are available in one of Two Bit Circus’ story rooms.

“They’re our version of escape rooms,” Levey said. “They’re much shorter. They’re 18 to 20 minutes.”

Two Bit Circus designed the majority of the experiences. In other words, there’s nothing like this anywhere else (except, of course, for the one other Two Bit Circus location in Los Angeles).

“That’s correct,” Levey said. “You can’t get any of these games anywhere else.”

It’s probably no surprise that the people who created Two Bit Circus are a bunch of clowns.


“Yeah, they went to circus school and became trained clowns,” Levey said.

That means they’re experts in fun and entertainment. In addition to the games and thrills, there’s a full kitchen, a bar with a robotic bartender and plenty of space for private parties.

It’s a thrilling amusement park experience Levey says guest can get, but in a much smaller package.

“All the games are super fun,” he said. “They’re just so much fun.”

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