Monday, February 24
Frances Valentine CEO and co-founder Elyce Arons, a brand she co-founded alongside friend and business partner Kate Valentine Spade, previews the Spring collection. It’s hard enough to deal with grief when you’re an adult, but how do kids deal with it? 10-year-old Bryce Fields opens up about what he wants parents to know about kids and grief.  The “Toy Guy” Chris Byrne joins us live from the floor of the 117th American International Toy Fair in New York with some of the hottest toys coming to stores near you.  Plus, meet Dallas resident Tracy Walder who went straight from a college sorority to the CIA. She is the author of a new book: The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI.  

Tuesday, February 25
Let the good times roll!  GMT gets the Mardi Gras party started with a New Orleans style frontline band and a crawfish boil feast on wheels.  Plus, get a taste of the French Quarter in Deep Ellum. Paige checks out Le Bon Temps Beignets.  King’s cake and purple, gold and green beads. We celebrate Mardi Gras, but why? Wait until you hear why we celebrate the occasion and what it means.  

Wednesday, February 26
It’s Ash Wednesday. A North Texas priest breaks down the history behind why people give up things for 40 days.   There was only one all-African-American unit in the entire U.S. military during World War I. A Dallas ER doctor Dr. Gusky is known for his Smithsonian work to heal racial tensions. He’ll share the history of the Black Devils and share how he’s working to relieve racial tensions that still exist today. Then, hydrate yourself! Simple solutions to keep your skin moisturized through winter.  Plus, a preview of the 13th annual Special  Arts Festival in Garland.  And, cut down smart phone usage! The top four things you can do today to use your phone less and enjoy life more.  

Thursday, February 27
Bishop T.D. Jakes has a new nonprofit. He explains how you can get involved in the organization that focuses on STEAM education, business partnerships, and work training in under-served communities.  NCA  All-Star weekend kicks off tomorrow.   Meet one team who is leaving it all on the mat to take home the title. It’s Twisted Thursday and we’re trying lemonade with a twist! Wait until you see the mini-CEOs behind Froot Kaves! Plus, we’re checking out cool, new gadgets that take the chore out of preparing food for any meal or snack. Also, bet you’ve never seen ballet like this! Wait until you see a preview of a piece from “Cocktail Hour: The Show”.   A North Texan is in the national touring production.

Friday, February 28
Rock custom socks designed by kids! We introduce you to three incredible kids behind the fun sock designs and tell you how buying a pair helps Dallas non-profit Vogel Alcove. They are the youngest members of the dynamic break dancing and hip-hop based Dallas Rhythm & Blues dance troupe.  The junior members take the GMT stage to kick off our Lights, Camera, Kids! series. Plus, Paige is live from The Botanical Research Institute of Texas’ Butterflies in the Garden exhibit at the Conservatory at Fort Worth Botanic Garden.