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This Week on GMT (July 6-July 10)

What's happening this week on GMT
Credit: WFAA

Monday, July 6
We’re kicking off our “Keep It Cool” series by helping you get a good night’s sleep, so it’s time to turn down the AC! Dallas Sleep founder Dr. Kent Smith provides advice on ways to keep cool while you slumber. Plus, have you heard of doomscrolling? It’s a new social media trend that has to do with anxiety about the coronavirus. We break down what it means. Then, virtual doctor’s appointments aren’t just for humans--they’re for pets too! How you can set up a virtual visit to the vet for your pet.

Tuesday, July 7
Our “Keep It Cool” series continues! We talk to an anger management specialist with tips on how to manage your temper and cool it down whether it’s due to the heat outside or the current COVID-19 outbreak. Plus, raise your hand if you’re had strange dreams lately. A dream interpreter joins us live ro fill us in on what our crazy pandemic dreams mean. Then, world class performing artist Morris Day talks to us about a live virtual convert he’s part of that will benefit DirectRelief.org. And, a Texas native won ABC’s extreme mini golf show “HOLEY MOLEY II: THE SEQUEL.” He fills us in on his big win and tells us how he’s preparing for the All-Star Grand Finale in August.

Wednesday, July 8
Keep It Cool with a nice, cold glass of water. Staying hydrated has plenty of benefits for your health, and you don’t want to miss ways you can easily make drinking water part of your daily routine. Plus, we’re stretching it out! How to take care of your car at home and without a professional.

Thursday, July 9
Keep it cool with homemade ice cream. We’re getting the scoop on how to make ice cream at home! Plus, how to protect yourself from poison ivy and different critters when you’re enjoying nature. Then, make your next Zoom call more exciting! How to invite a goat, pig, or sheep into your next meeting. Then, if you’re trying to stay in due to COVID-19 cases surging, but are in need of serious hair help, we’ve got you! How to make the most of your hair color and cut, and how to make it all last longer. And, if you can’t get rid of acne on your face or you want to hide your sunburn, all you need is a little bit of makeup to help. A local makeup artist shows you what you need to know to make it go away!

Friday, July 10
We start off your weekend with the wettest, wildest toys for kids as part of our “Keep It Cool” series. Then, whether you’re lactose intolerant or don’t eat dairy, we share the top tasty dairy alternatives for you to try. And, what you need to know about your kids if they’ll be participating in youth sports in the near future.