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Movie reviews: Wild Documentaries

Texas Wildlife and The New Orleans Jazz Fest.

Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story

Maybe you've already caught the blockbuster "Top Gun: Maverick." A famous Texan is drawing you into a much different kind of movie this weekend. Matthew McConaughey narrates "Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story." It's a stunning look at what makes Texas unique in landscapes and topography ... but also the vast variety of species and how they're striving to survive. It took director and part-time Austin resident Ben Masters years to capture the images and sequences with state-of-the-art cinematography. More than just wowing us, the film teaches us the need to conserve our beautiful state. I was mesmerized and learned so much!

(Fin & Fur Films. Not Rated. Running Time 1 hr. 41 mins. In Theaters Only)

Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story

New Orleans and music. Now, that can't help but put you in a good mood! Maybe you saw the Oscar-winning "Summer of Soul" about a forgotten 1969 music festival in Harlem. Well, "Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story" celebrates 50 years of the heralded festival. There are interviews and lively performances featuring all the sounds and cultures that make the city so special ... from pure Preservation Hall brass to Zydeco to Gospel and how they all fuse in this iconic event. There are performances from so many talents including Earth, Wind and Fire,  Al Green, the Marsalis Family (including the late patriarch Ellis Marsalis) and Jimmy Buffet. In fact, the Parrot Head-in-chief is one of the executive producers. Let the good times roll!

(Sony Pictures Classics. Rated PG-13. Running Times 1 hr. 34 mins. In Theaters Only)

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