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Harry Styles is only having 4 U.S. pop-up shops. One of them is in Dallas!

Fans of the singer-songwriter have been trying to pinpoint the location from the coordinates released online. They were only about 1 mile off!

DALLAS — You know Commerce Street won't be the same as it was after this weekend. That street will be full of Harry Styles' fans for his three-day pop-up shop.

The pop-up's happening this weekend to celebrate the Friday release of his third solo studio album, "Harry's House." Fans will be there to level up their wardrobe and prove their Stylers status with new Harry Styles merchandise.

According to the singer's website, the shop is specifically going to be on 2117 Commerce Street in Dallas. It'll be open from 4-9 p.m. on Friday, then 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

American Express Card members get to start shopping an hour earlier each day.

If you're not looking to be at the Harry Styles pop-up, take this as a sign of the time to stay out of the area. This Dallas shop is one of only four locations in the U.S. for the weekend. 

The other ones will be in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, so the Dallas pop-up will be the only one in the south side of the country.

Internationally, the One Direction alum will also have pop-ups in Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

How packed could a pop-up shop be? You can take a guess based on how fans were trying to track this place down before the location was announced.

At one point this week, the singer had only released coordinates for each spot. Fans were already doing the math and determined that the Dallas pop-up would be on South Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

According to Google Maps, they were only one mile away from the actual location.

Note: The following video was uploaded before the location was confirmed.

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