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Morgan Young

I’m a proud Texan, an amateur chef and a leopard print aficionado.
Credit: WFAA

Morgan Young is a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter for WFAA.  

1. Who are you? I am a storyteller who has an overwhelming infatuation with talking to people. I’ve been blessed to tell stories in Montgomery, Alabama and St. Louis, Missouri during my career and even receive an Emmy for my reporting along the way. Like many in this business, I constantly got in trouble in school for talking too much and asking too many questions. I’m a proud Texan, an amateur chef and a leopard print aficionado. I’m an optimist, a day dreamer, a prayer warrior and someone who truly believes there is something valuable to learn from every single person. I laugh really loud, talk really fast and love really hard. I am kind, but tough. I have empathy, but I have grit. I find power in words and healing in using them to make other people feel seen. 

2. What are your interests? I love to read. I typically alternate between fiction and non-fiction, or I’ll read one of each at the same time. While I wouldn’t call myself a chef (yet), I can confidently say I’m a pretty solid (and ambitious) recipe experimenter and really enjoy cooking myself through a cookbook. My goal is to make it through them all. I’ve always had subscriptions to fashion magazines and love following what’s trending and finding ways to work it into my own style. I played the flute for years when I was younger and am hoping to get back to it. I’m also working on enjoying fitness, at least as much as I like to eat…we’ll see.

3) What do you like about working at WFAA? I am excited to work at WFAA because working here means you are truly working with the best, most innovative, most passionate and most creative people. The people on this team get it, and they care. They push themselves, and they want to serve. There’s nothing more motivating and inspiring than that. I’m already learning from them about being a better journalist and a better human.

4) What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? I think people would be surprised to learn I’m afraid of butterflies and birds. Yuck and yikes.

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