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Why is my tire pressure low?

It could be that the cold weather is to blame.
Credit: WTSP

With temps at or near freezing on Thursday and Friday, there are a whole host of things that could shift in your daily routine. 

You'll need a heavier coat and maybe a scarf or pair of gloves, not just a jacket. 

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You might want a nice hot cup of coffee to warm yourself from the inside out. 

And you may want to leave a little earlier so that you can do a few things with your car as the temperature shifts.

Give yourself a few extra minutes just to heat up your car and let it run a bit before hitting the road. 

The low temperatures could also cause your windshield to frost up overnight, so you'll want to account for the time it will take to clear that off as well.

And, you'll want to make sure your tire pressure is still okay.

See, as the temperatures drop, tire pressure in your vehicle can drop as well.

Why? The cold causes things to contract, including the air inside your tires. 

So a 10-degree drop in temperature can typically mean you'll lose 1-2 PSI in your tires. 

You might notice that warning light that comes on in your car, or your tires just may look a little flat. 

Try driving at first to get the tires warmed up after you've let your car run for a bit, and the light should go off. If it doesn't, either grab your air pump or head to the nearest gas station to top your tires off with air.

And remember, a Freeze Watch is in effect for the majority of North Texas on Thursday, including the DFW area. The best chance for a freeze will be across western and northern North Texas, where temps could possibly dip down as far as the 20s. 

Stay warm out there! 


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