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So you just moved to Texas and don't have a storm shelter. Where do you go?

Help choose a safe room in your home with these helpful tips.

DALLAS — Do you know where the safe room in your home is?

There are new families moving to North Texas every day. One of the adjustments new North Texas residents must make is learning about the wild Texas weather. More importantly, how to keep family and property safe. 

We met with the Tucker family, who moved to Texas from California, to make sure their agreed safe room is the best place for their family to go when severe weather strikes. 

Here are things to consider when making a decision: 

  1. Bottom level of your home 
  2. A room with no windows
  3. Interior room (have as many walls between you and the outside as possible) 

Here are things to consider keeping in a safe room: 

  1. Shoes for every member of the family
  2. Bike helmets for every member of the family  
  3. A battery power bank in case you lose power
  4. If there is a baby in the family, a car seat or baby carrier 

These are the things we don't want to talk about but must talk about with families. 

The best way to protect yourself is with awareness. Be sure to stay weather aware through the year with WFAA! 

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