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Tips for protecting yourself and your home from severe weather

State Farm and the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association share advice on how to stay safe this spring season.

DALLAS — With the potential for severe weather heading our way, there are some things you can do right now to protect your home.

Tips from State Farm: 

  1. Make sure patio furniture is secured or brought inside.
  2. Park vehicles under cover.
  3. Trim tree branches that are dead or too long.
  4. Take an inventory of the items in your home.

“This can be something just as quickly as grabbing your smartphone, putting on your video, and walking through your home and just recording each room and what's in it so that if something does happen, you have that to trigger your memory during an insurance claim,” said State Farm’s Gina Wilken.

What about your roof?

“When the weather gets bad, a lot of people start thinking about their roofs and wondering, ‘What is this weather going to do to my roof?’” said North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) President Carolyn Coleman.

First, check your home for any obvious leaks. No leaks? Inspect your car, fence, and outdoor surroundings for signs of hail damage. That will give you an idea of how strong the hail was and if your roof is potentially damaged. 

Consider calling a professional roofing contractor for an inspection. The NTRCA has a list of vetted contractors on their website

“Your roof is one of your biggest investments for your home,” Coleman said. “So, you’re going to want to have somebody qualified working on your roof.”

Tips from NTRCA:

  1. Roofers might come knocking on your door and offering their services: Do your research and vet every company before signing with them.
  2. Be careful what you sign. Read all documents.
  3. Don’t just hand over your money: Ask lots of questions.

Be careful of a contractor and very weary of a contractor who offers to absorb your deductible or not charge you your deductible,” Coleman said. “This is now against the law in the state of Texas. And as a consumer, you can be committing insurance fraud if you do not pay your deductible.”

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