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2 tornadoes confirmed in Dallas County on Sunday following storms

According to the NWS in Fort Worth, its survey team found two separate areas of damage in north Dallas County from the Sunday afternoon storms.

DALLAS — The National Weather Service said two tornadoes touched down in Dallas County during a round of severe weather on Sunday. 

According to the NWS in Fort Worth, its survey team found two separate areas of damage in north Dallas County from the Sunday afternoon storms. 

One EF0 tornado with winds up to 75 mph hit near University Park, according to the NWS. Another EF1 tornado with winds up to 90 mph hit near Northaven Road, west of US 75.

Three other weaker tornadoes were also confirmed in Ellis County based off video and radar data, but left no damage and were categorized as "EF unknown," weather officials said.

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Video shared with WFAA shows the moment the tornado touched down on Northaven Road, showing a sudden increase of winds blowing through the trees, before those trees are whipped in the opposite direction.

The National Weather Service offered more context to the video, saying that that piece of the footage showed the "weak" tornado was rain-wrapped and seemed to strike suddenly.

WFAA's Matt Howerton spoke Sunday to one homeowner off Northaven Road whose home had the roof torn off on their home - the second time in a matter of years. 

Cherie Hart's home is in the same area where one of 10 tornadoes danced across Dallas in October 2019, causing more than a billion dollars in damage. 

"All I have is deja vu," Hart said. "I've seen this before. Lightning doesn't strike twice, but apparently, a tornado does."

The survey report from the National Weather Service said the Northaven Road tornado had a path length of just over a half-mile, with a width of 90 yards. It began at 2:10 p.m., just north of Royal Lane and east of Michaels Drive, with the first signs of damage appearing on Lavendale Circle. The tornado continued moving northeast, strengthening to an EF1 and hitting the home off Northhaven Road before it lifted off the ground at 2:15 p.m.

That tornado, the NWS said, was spawned from the same supercell storm that produced the weak EF0 tornado near University Park minutes earlier. The University Park twister, according to the survey, developed at 2 p.m. at Williams Park before traveling northeast into Goar Park, where it uprooted a large tree. Surveillance video from a fire station showed circulation on the ground as it crossed University Boulevard, and then on to Turtle Creek Boulevard, as it took down tree limbs and some shingles. The tornado, just 30 yards across, lifted off the ground at 2:03 p.m., traveling a mere quarter-mile.