PARKER COUNTY -- An unusual high-water rescue was underway when News 8 crews went to Parker County Monday to survey the flooding.

Cole Geeo got behind the wheel of a monster truck, eight feet high, and cruised around saving his neighbors. The area looked like a lake as Geeo saved Deborah Wright.

She was stranded on her second floor balcony as water rising from the Brazos River left her home an island.

"Well it just came up so quickly," she said.

News 8 spoke to her on the phone as she waited for help.

"This is not my first rodeo with this," she said.

But in her 35 years living in Millsap, this was definitely a first.

She was caught on video climbing down one ladder and then up to another into her ride to safety. Minutes later she was back on dry land.

"That's a redneck rescue I do believe," said Dina Young Gray, Wright's co-worker at Millsap ISD. She called around for help when Wright was in trouble.

"That’s just how Millsap is," she said. "We just look out for one another... If this didn’t work, we were going to get a boat."

But the monster truck did the job, and Wright was reminded of a ride with Mother Nature she'll never forget.

"It’s just been an adventurous day," she said.

An adventurous day that comes with a warning for all those forced from their homes due to this flooding. The public information officer with Parker County Emergency Management says if you’re stuck, call 911. Do not have friends rescue you. Leave it to the professionals.

So far the Brazos River is about 4.5 feet above flood stage, which is considered "moderate" flooding.

Two flood gates have been opened at Possum Kingdom Lake. If a third opens, the PCEM PIO says the area would see major flooding.