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Is the early season heat an indicator of a brutal summer?

May 2022 is the hottest on record. Does this mean a scorcher of a summer?


Record setting May

May 2022 has officially recorded 10 consecutive days of 90-plus degree high temperatures with more on the way. This is also the longest stretch of 90-plus degree days so early in the year. The longest streak of 90-degree days was an impressive 79 days between June 10 to August 27, 1980.

So far, the average temperature for May 2022 is 77.9 degrees, making it the hottest May on record behind May 1955, which averaged near 77.3 degrees. 

Credit: WFAA

Does this mean we are going to have a repeat of 1980 or 2011?

We’ve been asked this question a countless number of times. It’s a great question. The quick answer is: no. Most of the time, there is never a correlation between one month‘s weather and the following season. 

Lets take a look back at the summers of 1980 and 2011 to see what those Mays were like. Neither May was remarkable with heat.  If fact, May 2011 was on average cooler than normal for the month. That year brought 71 days of 100-plus degree days between June through September.

Credit: WFAA
Credit: WFAA

We also looked at the top five warmest Mays on record to see what the following summers looked like. There is no obvious trend or correlation between May heat and the following summer. In fact, the top two warmest Mays on record were followed by pretty normal summers. 

Credit: WFAA

So, don’t go panicking just yet! This hot May doesn't necessarily mean we are expecting a hotter summer. Keep in mind, it is Texas so we will see heat at one point or another.  

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