Just plain hot. That's the simple forecast for the week ahead.

North Texas will be under the grip of a heat wave during the upcoming week, and likely the hottest temps we've seen in two years or longer by the end of the work week.

Sunday will be hot for everyone, but a lucky few could see a shower or storm before the day is done. The "highest" chances will be across western and northern North Texas, but coverage will only be around 20 percent. So even in those areas, most places will stay dry.

Highs today will be at or around 100 degrees with a heat index anywhere from 101 to 105. If you have outdoor plans, stay hydrated and have a way to stay cool!

The heat only builds this week with highs at or above 100 for the entire week ahead. The hottest days this week look to be Thursday and Friday. Highs of 105 or above are looking very possible with western parts of North Texas perhaps pushing 110!

Keep the elderly and pets in mind this week with these hot temps coming our way. Locations without A/C will be especially susceptible to problems with the heat.