When you go on a road trip with two of your co-workers for the first time, you make memories that will last a lifetime.

For WFAA meteorologist Colleen Coyle, WFAA reporter Todd Unger, and photojournalist Michael Botsford, that was certainly the case. They were assigned to drop off Coyle at a Tegna sister station, KHOU, to report the weather. By the time they got on the road, the station flooded and had to evacuate.

They helped carry KHOU's coverage in Houston via WFAA's newsroom in Dallas. The three colleagues spent a week together in a Toyota Highlander, covering Hurricane Harvey.

Botsford noticed a common theme of people helping each other who were saying, "Texans helping Texans." If you want to know what it felt like to be in the moment with the crew, here is your chance, boat rescue after boat rescue.