There is nothing subtle about the way Steve Leisz has figured out how to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The high school football coach is using his good friend's monster truck to ferry residents back and forth to their homes.

Leisz told WFAA that the truck sits 50 inches up, just above the water. Some neighborhoods near Buffalo Bayou are still under water. Residents have been urged not to enter the water without proper gear. There is a concern that sewage has backed up and now mixed-in with the flood water.

"Need a ride?" is the question he asks as he patrols his neighborhood. Leisz also happens to be a victim. He lost a good majority of his first floor. He characterized it as a river flowing through his kitchen.

"Everybody in town knows this is one of the worst hit areas," Leisz said.

The football coach from Episcopal High School borrowed the truck from a good friend. At first, it was meant to ferry in his football team and a group of girls to help clear out the first floor of his home.

Once that work was done, the coach came up with the idea of helping people in the community. It was an idea, he admits, born out of the many people who came up to the truck asking for rides.

"It's just a minutia of the millions of things being done," said Marilyn Wilson who hitched a ride.
Getting in the truck may be the hardest part, especially for the elderly. But once in, you're on his team.

"It's Fourth and One and we gotta stop them at the 1. Now we gotta go 99 yards to go score. We'll be alright," Leisz said.