DALLAS -- While thousands of evacuees from the Texas Gulf Coast work to rebuild their lives, Dallas animal shelters are at capacity caring for their animals.

Dani Boepple is among a group of animal foster parents from Dallas Pets Alive who are preparing to say goodbye to their pets.

"I'm sad to see them go, but happy that they're going to have a good place to go," Boepple said.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Gulf Coast, displacing 37,000 people and thousands of animals. Area nonprofits are so overwhelmed that the SPCA converted a downtown parking garage into a temporary shelter.

On Tuesday morning, a New York group helped Dallas Animal Services place animals.

"Whenever we see other disasters around the country where we can chip in and help, like everyone helped us during Hurricane Sandy, we're on board. We're ready to help as well," said Cindy Szczudlo.

Szcudlo is the executive director for the North Shore Animal League America, a rescue out of Long Island, New York.

Her group drove two of these specialized RV's loaded with supplies some 1,500 miles to Texas. This morning they're loading up close to 100 cats and dogs and plan to move them to their no-kill facility in New York State.

"We're taking animals that already were in the shelters here, so that these animals can open cage space and allow evacuated storm animals to come here," Szcudlo said.

Many of these animals have been under the care of foster parents for months. Saying goodbye isn't easy.

"It's always hard to see them go, but you know, you save them, and you find them a new home," said Nicki Powers, an animal foster parent.

The animals are loaded into crates, ready for the three-day drive up North. "We're really excited to bring them to New York," Szczudlo said.

The group is excited to help. It will clear the way for new animals that are expected to come from Houston.